Day 26: Flip Flop Watercolors


I saw an article in Coastal Living Magazine that inspired these yummy flip flops. The framed, yes, I said ‘framed’ 4 sets of flip flops. If I ever have a beach house, I WILL frame 4 pairs of flip flops just like they did. Yes. I. Will. My Man would rather me do that than put 2 Pallets above my couch. I really want those pallets above my couch tho….hey, this might be grounds for another campaign.

Would you frame shoes? Oh, baby shoes would be so beautiful framed…yep!


Day 25: Ornaments


I was thinking about Christmas….I know, shame on me but with 7 kids I have to start ahead or I’ll need a small loan to pay for it. Anyway, I love ornaments, especially the round glass ones that break and cause all kinds of trouble. grrrr. I used to have a lot on my tree but over the years it’s turned into ribbon and lots of white lights. I know, lame, but it works for me.

Do you love those beautiful, breakable, fragile, ornaments?



Day 23: Birthday Boy Illustration

{{I painted this for My Man’s birthday, it was last week.}}

Hello again! It’s Day 23 of my 30 Days of Art, only 7 illustrations to go. No matter that it’s taken me well over a month to do these. Doing all 30 in a row really wasn’t the point anyway, it was to put myself out there and stop being a closet artist.

Yes, I referred to myself as a closet artist. funny, right.

I’m glad I did or I would’ve missed all the positive feedback and encouragement…thanks y’all, and I wouldn’t be opening an Etsy shop {{soon, just waiting on ‘the printer’}}. woot, woot.

I think this Birthday Boy would look great on a card, what do you think? card? print?

Day 21: A New Mom


My Sister-n-law is expecting a new baby boy in the next few weeks and I’m so, so excited. I can’t wait to hold my little nephew and explain to him that I’m his favorite Aunt. It’s tradition in our family, I’m the favorite and that’s that (my sister is so gracious to let me rule the favorite Aunt status. Isn’t she so kind!). I love all my nieces and nephews and I’ve successfully brainwashed them all into believing I’m their favorite. It’s just the way it is.

fyi: this babe will bring their kiddo count to 7….I think he’s trying to compete with me. well, if he wants 8, he can, I’m done.

I think this painting would look good on a card, what about you? Card or print?

Day 19: Fashion Heel Watercolor

























{{help me convince My Man I need a new printer, details below}}

Hello again, friends! It’s another Paint Party Friday link up and I’m excited to be part of it! I’m almost done with my 30 Days of Art, even though it’s taken me much longer than it should have. It might have something to do with having 7 kids and 1 husband, ALL of which need attention, oh and my puppy too. just saying.

This heel, in all honestly, is not my fav, at all. I can tell you all the reasons why I don’t like it but I’m not. That’s not why I started this blog. So, I’m looking for the positive in my work, no matter how hard it may be…which is…I love the colors and that I did it.

I’ve come a long way since starting this and I’ll continue to develop my artistic style. I very much enjoy painting with watercolors and want to rock the paints someday!

Thanks for joining me!


Update: Since My Man and his Facebook and Twitter aren’t working for this little campaign, I’ve decided to change it to leaving a comment telling My Man why I need a printer.

Want to help me get a new printer?  Leave a comment telling My Man why I need the Epson Stylus R2880 Printer. I need 50 comments so tell your friends, family, neighbors, don’t go crazy though….unless you really want to. just saying. 

I’ll send a Fashion Flats print, hopefully with my new printer, to everyone who leaves a comment by Saturday May 19th.

To see the post that started this campaign, click here.


Thank you muchly!

Day 18: Derby Style Hat


I think I’ve made it clear on this blog how much I LOVE HATS! The last post is of 3 hats and a post before that has two girls with, you guessed it,….hats. I’m obsessed! Hello, my name is Kristin and I’m a hat-a-holic.

Seriously, I would totally wear a big hat everyday. Would you? What would it look like? Would it be big and loud like this one or small like this one?

Today is another Paint Party Friday link up. There’s so many talented artists participating, you really should check it out. I’ve been so inspired by so many of them. In fact, this painting was inspired by a comment left by Carolyn (thank you). She loves big hats too!

fyi, my Etsy shop is still on track to open later this month. I’m so excited! I’ll keep you posted!

{did ya notice, no pen outline….I love it!}



Day 17: Fashion Hats


Is it just me or are hats making a comeback? If I could get away with wearing a hat everywhere, I totally would! I could be like Kate and rock a hat! What about you…would you be a rockin-hat-girly?

Day 16: Meet Lolly and Bear


I thought I’d take a break from fashion and do something girly and fun. I’ve always loved little girls with teddy bears. So sweet! The above pic is a scan so the colors are still being a bit washed out. grrrr.

I’ve decided the best way to solve my scanning issue is to invest in a better scanner (Epson Perfection v600 Scanner. Anyone have this model?). I’d love to get a new printer too but I’m not totally sure my printer isn’t good. If the scans were better it might be really great.

Just in case your wondering, I’m looking at the Epson Stylus R2000 or R2880 printers.

Now that I’ve decided on that, onto another issue….paper! There’s so many to choose from. I better start researching paper types.

I’m hoping to open my Etsy shop this month…stay tuned!


Day 15: Head and Hat Illustrations


Hello Friends! I’ve been busy working on a few illustrations that I love! Seriously, I’m really excited that I can say I love some of my work. Yeehaw!

These two gals are a couple of my favs. I wanted to paint without using a pen to outline everything, so I did. I’m totally digging these two…I love the look without the pen outline. What do you think?

I tried taking pics of these but they turned out blah. I love using my scanner…easy…but my art gets a bit washed out. The detail in the hats aren’t showing up. boo. Any tips on which scanner would be best for scanning art?

See you tomorrow…


Day 14: Meet Missy

Welcome Paint Party Friday Friends! So nice to see you again. To everyone else that is here…Thank you!! You all Rock!

Ok, here’s one of those pieces that just isn’t right to me. Now, I’m not being negative…cuz there’s no place for that….I’m just saying it didn’t turned out as planned and I can find many areas that should/could be changed. I won’t list the things I believe need to be changed. All and all, I do like Missy.

What do you think?

fyi: I got some great advice from Mari, one of my super-fabulous-commenters from Day 11: Meet Kat….

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.


psst, over here….don’t tell anyone but here’s what I would change: darker top lip, more shadow on hands, hair not so red and get a larger scanner so her shoes show up cuz they were actually kinda cute this time. that’s all. 

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