Day 11: Paint Party Friday & Meet Kat


Meet Kat. I sketched her from a magazine but sadly, the mag was thrown away…who does that? seriously. I usually keep all my favorite mags but this one is lost forever. boo.

Anyway, I’m happy with this painting and I love that I did it! Isn’t that what this is all about, loving your own work. I’ll probably mention that about a bazillion times on this blog so forgive me if it gets old.

Today is another Paint Party Friday post. If you haven’t checked them out, do so, it’s a great place to meet fellow artists.



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  1. What a beautiful little painting. I love those colors!! And yes, loving ones art is what it’s all about. And that’s the best feeling, isn’t it?! Glad to meet you!! Happy PPF! xo Silke

  2. Great painting….I totally agree with you about having to love you own stuff….


  3. Oh, love Kat. She is very chic. Nicely done. Happy PPF

  4. Kat looks fine! :) I don’t throw away magazines either. I might not even like them but still. :)

  5. I like it! I like drawing from magazines too and don’t throw them away! That’s why my room is a big mess! But that’s OK! Blessings and greetings from the Philippines! Patsy from HeARTworks

  6. Carol Samsel says:

    Kat is great and Loving ones art is what it’s all about :0)

  7. she has a lovely stance and is a beautiful piece.

  8. She looks great, very well put together!

  9. Annette G says:

    Loving Kat, your body forms are brilliant. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. She is wonderful! She has such confidence!

  11. Kristin,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your style, and I’ll be following you now. Your ideas and lines are so fresh, and I love your subtle color palette.

  12. She is AWesome! I’m so glad you’ve overcome your fear of showing your work. It deserves to be seen!!! Can you buy a back copy of the magazine?!? I made my prom dress from a pattern that I’d seen in a magazine when I was 12 years old and wrote to Vogue with the approximate date and description and they sent me the info I needed to find and buy the outdated pattern. 40 years later, I still have the dress. :)

  13. Love the sketch! Your shading is great.

  14. I think Kat is awesome. And yes it is about loving your own work. It was hard to do but once I was able to admit to myself that I liked my work it became so much more fun.

  15. Oh, I love her! I’ve always wanted to sketch just like this. So Great! New follower here!

  16. Hello Kat… you look great… your creator should be feeling pretty good about her skills because you are one cool chicky…xx

  17. Lovely lines, pretty colors and very chic! <3

  18. love your lady, great work

  19. Love Kat she’s gorgeous and she’s got her sun glasses on….oh to see the sun again… I’ve become sun obsessed, it’s still raining here… thanks for popping by great to meet you.. :)

  20. Love your style! I’ll keep coming back!

  21. She definitely has style and movement, great!

  22. This is a wonderful painting!! I even see a bit of you in her!! Very interesting!!
    Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  23. I love how casually she is standing. Good motion in this piece.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  24. Nancy says:

    You certainly have a gift in the “drawing of shoes” department! Like the dress, too.

  25. Lovely illustration! I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog. Have a fabulous weekend! :-)

  26. You got the movement very well. If I may give advice, I’ll tell you that, provided that you pintes a mouth lip above must always be more dark that the below, this simple detail gives more reality to the face. Saludos

  27. Kristin, I love KAT!!! I love the stance and the saucy look. Beautiful illustration. And I just learned something from Mari in the above comment that I didn’t know about coloring of lips. I’ll have to try that. And BTW, drop that “wannabee” from your profile. You are the real thing.

  28. Lovely job, especially on her hair! I tend to keep magazines around too, for months, and I have a few that have been around for years.

  29. Your work is so “kewl” like your inner spirit I am sure! :)

  30. Great painting!
    Love that contrasting green pocket-book against all the wonderful pinks!
    Happy PPF!!

  31. Yes, loving your own work IS important. Damn straight. :-)
    Your fashion illustration is wonderful. I can tell you give your work great care. xoxo

  32. Hey! She looks pretty cool!

  33. She’s lovely!

    Glad you’re loving your painting!

  34. She’s great! Love the pose, you’ve drawn her very naturally, and that’s not easy to do.

  35. You should love her…she turned out so well!

  36. She is lovely, so sure of herself. You portrayed it so well.
    Von :)

  37. ‘Love your cool Kat with her chic style. I used to dream of being a fashion illustrator, but ended up not pursuing it seriously. I’ll always have a soft spot for great illustration work.

  38. She is one groovy gal!!! I love that you love your work! I love your work too!! :)

  39. I love her too! What a beautiful stance and confidence she portrays – and I love the glasses! Thank you too for your sweet PPF comments, they really mean a lot, xoxo

  40. Thank you for the comment on my blog! :)

  41. I love your work! And, I love that you love your work!! :-) Great to visit you. Thanks for following me.

  42. Love your subtle color changes and gentle shadows! Very beautiful piece.


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