Day 14: Meet Missy

Welcome Paint Party Friday Friends! So nice to see you again. To everyone else that is here…Thank you!! You all Rock!

Ok, here’s one of those pieces that just isn’t right to me. Now, I’m not being negative…cuz there’s no place for that….I’m just saying it didn’t turned out as planned and I can find many areas that should/could be changed. I won’t list the things I believe need to be changed. All and all, I do like Missy.

What do you think?

fyi: I got some great advice from Mari, one of my super-fabulous-commenters from Day 11: Meet Kat….

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.


psst, over here….don’t tell anyone but here’s what I would change: darker top lip, more shadow on hands, hair not so red and get a larger scanner so her shoes show up cuz they were actually kinda cute this time. that’s all. 

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  1. Annette G says:

    I like the pose you have given her and the slouch bag. Mari’s advice sounds good. Loving her clothes as well. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Enjoying your fashion illustration. The pose looks very natural and the color choice makes the image fresh and happy. Nice work!

  3. I like the easy, natural stance she has. I also love the style you paint in. All in all, I think it’s a great painting.

  4. She looks sweet to me. :)

  5. I think that it’s good to learn from the drawings, paintings, etc. which aren’t quite right. I do think you captured the scarf perfectly – I know just how that yarn would feel in my hands!

  6. i think you’ve captured her stance perfectly– and it is a reflection of her personality. I also really like the texture of the scarf. the loose, minimalism of the lines are wonderful!

  7. I like that she looks like a real person, and I’d love to have her hair. So many fashion illustrations are fantasies — so beautiful to look at, but far from reality (I speak for myself here, of course). I like the advice about the mouth, too. I’m going to give that a try!

  8. Sweet colors and a pretty outfit, very easy and natural posture! Good job! Great advise from Mari!

  9. I love Missy! Sometimes we are our own hardest critics. she is lovely. Happy PPF

  10. I like her. She looks real and believable. I am drawn to her scarf. It looks like something I would like to wear.

  11. I like this – she looks effortlessly stylish to me (in a way i’ve always aspired to but never quite managed!!)

  12. Hello, Missy is very pretty, the texture of the scarf is perfect. Thanks for highlighting my comment, the advice you gave is that I always gave my art teacher years ago, she made my one artist. Saludos

  13. Ah, that is very helpful advice from Mari! Who knew? Not me. But now I do:-) I know what you mean by something just not working sometimes. Had a clown like that yesterday – mine’s problem ended up being his shoulders. He was a stressed clown, for his shoulder were too close to his ears! But whatever you feel does not work with your miss, I think she has a lovely blush and eyelashes to brag about:-)

  14. I love her outfit, sweet painting!

  15. She is wonderful to me! I would offer advice except that I am not in way a person who should give advice about drawing people. I am just beginning to explore that. Love the way you did the scarf from the colorful pattern to the way the edges wiggle!

  16. Excellent illustration ~ love your art style ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  17. Carol Samsel says:

    Love her and would really like to have an outfit like that and of course to look that well in it too :)

  18. HI Kristin,
    thanks for visiting me-I think we live close by-love your style so effortless looking.
    take care

  19. I like it. If I were to change anything it would be the hair length, make it longer or shorter instead of having it cut off at the scarf line. You do very nice work.

  20. A delightful picture, take care.

  21. I like her, too! And what a great tip, Thanks for sharing that. Have a great weekend!

  22. Nice, very nice. She is very stylish. Love her. Happy PPF

  23. Andre says:

    I like Missy just as she is!

  24. I’d put more shadow on the outline of her face as well, but then I’ve always been one for nice deep shadows. I love the attitude you captured.

  25. She’s gorgeous & looks a bit like my niece, whose name is… Missy!!!

  26. the very shy Missy. I love the delicate watercolors on her clothes and the rosy cheeks. She is fabulous.

  27. Missy is great, she does look effortlessly stylish, the sort of girl you see strolling along and wonder if she knows just how lovely she really is.

  28. I think she came out very nice. Love all your girlie illustrations! I can’t see where you would change anything. I agree with others, we are are own worst critics.

  29. Thanks for the very helpful comment on my blog. I like Missy, she wears scarves which I identify with and she has bags of personality:)

  30. She is so hip and cool! I love her stance, the stripped shirt (she reminds me of something Reese Witherspoon would wear ;) and her hair IS gorgeous. LOVE your work, xoxo

  31. She needs a dog.

  32. I think she’s lovely! Your series is a joy!!!

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