Day 13: Inside My Sketchbook


I love pencil sketches, maybe more than watercolors, maybe. I just love the way they look. I feel free with a pencil and paper and they can be taken anywhere, even in church where I sketch my latest and greatest. haha

I feel confident saying I’m pretty good at sketching. Yay, this blog is working, I’m feeling all comfy with my work. It’s watercolors that I’m not as confident with…but…Alisa Burke is to the rescue with her Watercolor Bliss online class {only $50}. Oh, thank goodness for great watercolor classes online. Lots of info and pictures. Wanna learn watercolors, take this class, it’s awesome!


p.s. it’s date night thursday….my man and I go out every thursday. do you have a weekly date night?

Day 12: Meet Spirit



It’s Day 12 of my 30 Days of Art! Almost halfway, yeehaw!

This is Spirit, I sketched her last year or so. I’m really liking the sideway view, makes it a little interesting don’t ya think?  I think I’ll try to do some profiles too. Check out the profiles on Barnum’s Winter, isn’t Charlie so very talented!?  She Rocks!

Do you have a favorite pose when you create a figure? I’d love to know.

fyi: my mini moo cards are in the mail and I should receive them in about 5 days. yippee!


Day 11: Paint Party Friday & Meet Kat


Meet Kat. I sketched her from a magazine but sadly, the mag was thrown away…who does that? seriously. I usually keep all my favorite mags but this one is lost forever. boo.

Anyway, I’m happy with this painting and I love that I did it! Isn’t that what this is all about, loving your own work. I’ll probably mention that about a bazillion times on this blog so forgive me if it gets old.

Today is another Paint Party Friday post. If you haven’t checked them out, do so, it’s a great place to meet fellow artists.



Day 5: Funky Girl


I hope you all had a wonderful Spring break. We were so busy at my house with Spring break, Easter and a birthday. Crazy! So, as you can see, I didn’t get around to my art-a-day. Did I say it was crazy around here?

I sketched this out on Friday but didn’t get around to painting it until today. I’m torn with it though….I love it because I completed it but I’m not sure I love it in real life.  I have a lot to learn so I’ll just keep sketching and painting until I find my groove.

until next time…

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