Day 19: Fashion Heel Watercolor

























{{help me convince My Man I need a new printer, details below}}

Hello again, friends! It’s another Paint Party Friday link up and I’m excited to be part of it! I’m almost done with my 30 Days of Art, even though it’s taken me much longer than it should have. It might have something to do with having 7 kids and 1 husband, ALL of which need attention, oh and my puppy too. just saying.

This heel, in all honestly, is not my fav, at all. I can tell you all the reasons why I don’t like it but I’m not. That’s not why I started this blog. So, I’m looking for the positive in my work, no matter how hard it may be…which is…I love the colors and that I did it.

I’ve come a long way since starting this and I’ll continue to develop my artistic style. I very much enjoy painting with watercolors and want to rock the paints someday!

Thanks for joining me!


Update: Since My Man and his Facebook and Twitter aren’t working for this little campaign, I’ve decided to change it to leaving a comment telling My Man why I need a printer.

Want to help me get a new printer?  Leave a comment telling My Man why I need the Epson Stylus R2880 Printer. I need 50 comments so tell your friends, family, neighbors, don’t go crazy though….unless you really want to. just saying. 

I’ll send a Fashion Flats print, hopefully with my new printer, to everyone who leaves a comment by Saturday May 19th.

To see the post that started this campaign, click here.


Thank you muchly!

Day 12: Meet Spirit



It’s Day 12 of my 30 Days of Art! Almost halfway, yeehaw!

This is Spirit, I sketched her last year or so. I’m really liking the sideway view, makes it a little interesting don’t ya think?  I think I’ll try to do some profiles too. Check out the profiles on Barnum’s Winter, isn’t Charlie so very talented!?  She Rocks!

Do you have a favorite pose when you create a figure? I’d love to know.

fyi: my mini moo cards are in the mail and I should receive them in about 5 days. yippee!


Day 11: Paint Party Friday & Meet Kat


Meet Kat. I sketched her from a magazine but sadly, the mag was thrown away…who does that? seriously. I usually keep all my favorite mags but this one is lost forever. boo.

Anyway, I’m happy with this painting and I love that I did it! Isn’t that what this is all about, loving your own work. I’ll probably mention that about a bazillion times on this blog so forgive me if it gets old.

Today is another Paint Party Friday post. If you haven’t checked them out, do so, it’s a great place to meet fellow artists.



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